Thames Water Rehabilitation AMP 6

Working with Thames

Our role with Thames water is to manage and undertake the enabling works, planning, construction, commissioning and handover of all aspects of mains rehabilitation works for Thames Water in London.

  • Staff & Resources
  • Summary of works
Our Thames team
The Company Strategy is to directly employ key skill sets and invest in staff thereby creating a flexible and loyal work force.

The Company has a highly professional and experienced management team and dedicated support functions covering SHEQ, Human Resources, Finance and Procurement expertise.

Our Project and Contract Managers work with our own in- house labour resources and we have created stable supply chain partnerships in order to support both workload peaks and national requirements.

To maintain the Company’s standards, the management of our supply chain is undertaken as though all are directly employed by the Company.

From 2017 - 2020
  • 120km of water mains laid
  • Over 2500 Service Transfers
  • 108km Directionally Drilled
  • Over 90% no dig technology