Auger Boring (AB)

Trenchless technology to limit impact to roads, railways, rivers, canals, and existing utilities.

The technique of Auger Boring (AB) is defined as a technique for forming a bore from a drive pit to a reception pit, by means of a rotating cutting head in which spoil is removed back to the drive shaft by helically wound auger flights rotating in a steel casing. It was developed specifically to avoid conflict with surface features, and as one of the family of civil engineering techniques known as “Trenchless Technology”, it is used to install casings without impact to roads, railways, rivers, canals, and existing utilities etc.

An entry excavation is required for the auger boring machine where it is placed on tracks inside the pit to a specific alignment and grade. The auger is placed inside the casing and casing is placed on auger boring machine. A cutting head is located at the front of the casings with the augers removing the material from inside the casings as the bore progresses. Auger bores are best suited for short distances of circa 75m or less and can be undertaken in locations where space is at a premium or where HDD may be unsuitable. McCormack Drilling operate an American Augers 48/54-900 Auger Boring machine capable of installing casing sizes of up to 48 inches / 1220mm.

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