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Vacuum excavation in UK & Ireland
Vacuum excavation (suction excavation) is an innovative solution to traditional excavation methods. This technology produces powerful suction driven by high powered fans allowing safe excavation to take place.

Vacuum excavation is considered best practice for safely finding and seeing underground utilities, reducing by more than half the chance of damaging buried utilities. Vacuum excavators eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming manual labour. Buried pipe systems do not suffer damage and output is up to sixteen times of that achieved by conventional excavation.

Peter McCormack & Sons Ltd operate an ESE 6 RD 8000 RSP Suction Excavator mounted on Mercedes-Benz Tridem 8x4x4 3251 Chassis Cab which has 8m³ container capacity for spoil with tipping capability whilst backed-up with highly experienced personnel. Vacuum Excavation provides a safe method of excavation around existing utilities & infrastructure.

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The benefits of suction excavation include:
  • Eliminating underground utility strikes,
  • Minimising traffic disruption,
  • Reducing reinstatement costs
  • Less manpower and equipment needed for each job.
  • Clearing away environmental damage
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